How do you cheat on a Touch Screen Pot O Gold Video Slot, Superball Keno or other video slots?

I live in the Dallas, TX area and at hand are a lot of these games around here. There are game rooms that enjoy lots of machines, and a lot of gas staions around have at lowest possible one machine. I've been on the internet adjectives day trying to find a web site (there aren't any) something like tips, strategies, etc. for gambling at these less than Vegas casinos. A girls won $8,000 the other light of day on a Southern Gold Machine Playing Hexa Keno! It was a machine anomaly. The maximum payout almost anywhere is $1500. They payed her anyways. I did find a web site that sells a scrambler or something close to that for $225 or so. I wonder if she used one of those. I am skeptical that it would work if I bought it. I think that it is more likely that it be random machine hitch and that I should stop obsessing about this
Basically, there are such things as "zappers" and devices that are used to give these machines a jerk of electricity. If you use them once or twice, you might get lucky and hit something. But more than that and you will cause incapacitate to the machine. Some people hold put anti-devices on these machines to make it harder to cheat and also to inform them if someone is messing with the machines. Also, the intention they prohibit cell phones is due to the fact that the new devices are so small that they fit inside small objects resembling cell phones and zippo lighters. So they try to avoid the chance that someone will have a device inside these objects. I do not know if it is a hollow cell phone, but far as I am informed that these devices are the size of 3 billet.
First, you should try to find the statistic of race that cheating the lotto has payed off for compared to the amount of populace that got completely screwed by trying to cheat the lotto. I guarantee you that if you try, you will be screwed. If there be an easy way to cheat those machines, everyone would do it. Sure you would resembling to believe that that scrambler would mess with the system and let you win and win away scott-free, but in reality, it will never surface. You have to be an absolute wonder to beat the lotto, which you apparently are not, due to you posting a question give or take a few it on
i've found that you shouldn't use a casino "club" card, they can track you from gadget to machine, i went to vegas 3 times and figure out how to beat the machines. use a $20 to start playing, do random small plays and after in the order of a dozen little losses (i play penny slots) i slam a larger bet, i made $170 in 5 minutes on a machine (was up to $320 from a $20 start) it be a "progressive" slot with a $2,000,000 pot, i played it down to $220 and took the payout ticket, then go to another machine with another $20, the $20 will show the domestic device you're serious ($1 and $5 never work) it will let you win, then hopes you'll lose it adjectives and pop in another $20... slots usually pay out at 49%.

when you achieve a win or 2, cash out and hit another machine, next when you're done, cash out the tickets, the last 2 times i be in vegas, the slot play paid for my hotel and a bit more.

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