Best casino to play poker at for an 18 year weak?

looking for the best 18 and up casino to play poker. Please help me find the best ones thanks
If you are in Europe, should be easy to find one. If you are looking for the best, you need to be more specific -- what country, what team game, what stakes. Define best. If you are elsewhere in the world, be specific.

It's a lot harder to find one where you can play surrounded by the US. I think some Indian casinos (on reservations) will let 18 year olds play. The big casinos in Atlantic City and Vegas will achieve huge fines if they let kids play.
Poker is a immensely well known card game worldwide. Poker is not a lone winter sport, and it currently has many varieties, and most of these variant generally share a widespread betting procedure and a hierarchical hand rankings. However, distinct poker games contained by addition dissent in more distinct modes, like how the cards are hand out , how the hands are formed, and more others. Today, poker is accepting very extraordinary vigilance from the public. is giving you chance to know where on earth is the best site to play online poker.
I don't know where you live, so I'll just answer the only 18+ casino I know that's close to me. Casino Morongo surrounded by Cabazon, California.

Perhaps you will someday realize that the internet is used by people all over the world, not just your hometown, everywhere that is.
JackAce is right, you must specify your location. You just said that you want a good casino to play for 18+. But it depends on your location also as par availability of the casino. still though i enjoy a list of some online casinos which are going good in US and UK.

For appropriate casinos in US you can referˇ­
For good casinos in UK you can referˇ­

Now it depends on your location from where on earth you are.
for usa? imo pokerstars. second fulltilt. just know what your doing unless you'll achieve eaten alive. just remember poker is gambling, but not resembling roulette...its more like investments
I started playing poker at Full Tilt Poker. It is the best place for me. Full Tilt Poker has also one of the best sign-up bonuses found at online poker rooms - 100% up to $600 by using the referral code GREATWAY.
In vegas u have to be 21 to play games...if your under 21 u can't even b by a table. Don't no 'bout atlantic city or pittsburgh tho.
I think this site is best suited in a hobby your looking for.

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