I hit a mitt for $3750 finishing darkness. I tipped the supplier $200. Is that ample?

i advocate tipping. i encourage tipping at the table all the time. whenever i play, i tip the trader and talk down to players who don't tip the dealers.

having said adjectives that, yes, $200 is PLENTY!
I agree with Sam Adams and Malacos on this one. A 5% tip is WAY, WAY too much!

1 green $25 chip would have been more than large.
I would say explicitly reasonable. You are indeed very lucky. You will have to wages taxes on your winnings however. Bummer, huh?
Totally. I c y u ask but really, what do u think you should have given if not that? BTW, honest job!
That is plenty $50 would have made the dealer happy agree to alone $200
It depends on the bet that you placed. For example, if you placed a $5 bet and won $3750.00 from that, $20 or even $25 would be considered "plenty". The $200 that you gave to dealer was considered MONSTROUS tip...you vitally gave more than 5% of your winnings to the dealer.
Too much!
That's plenty.

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