Gambling Winnings Tax Question Please Help! (California)?

Hi I live in California and a few months ago I won 4 thousand dollars from slots. I did not pay taxes for it yet and they told me I have to wait until next year to file taxes for it. So my sound out is when do I have to file taxes by? I know January 2011 is the earliest i can file taxes for it but what is the hottest?
You don't own to pay tax on gambling winnings... unless you're a professional slots player... im assuming your not so you don't hold to do anything... you still have to declare that amount... but as gambling win which you don't need to pay taxes on...

I don't know why i got a thumbs down...

Ive in reality done a course on this subject... i had to read a 3000 page tax book... and i am 100% sure you do not have to settle up any income tax... NO TAX NEEDS TO BE PAID FOR WINNINGS IN GAMBLING... unless you are a professional...
Tax day is April 15th, same as always. It's part of income levy, it's nothing separate, you just include it with the rest of your taxes.
I cant answer your ask sorry. Although it's too late but typically as long as you keep your winnings below a certain amount it's tariff exempt I believe it's 2500 and you can have a friend cash out the other 1500.
All tax returns are due April 15th or the next business morning if the 15th falls on a weekend.

You have to declare that as income on your tax return. If you are single near no kids and the $4,000 slot win was your only income for 2010 then you won't be required to folder a tax return. Your income tax on the Federal side will be zero.

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