Do they ask for ID within Las Vegas casinos?

Just wondering because I just turned 20 and I love gambling over here you have to be at lowest possible 18 so im ok. But what about Las Vegas?
Upon entering .. NO ... but if you attempt to gamble or just dawdle around you will be. Anyone of any age can enter and pass through a casino ... you have to pass through to grasp to restaurants .. hotel lobbies or rooms. If you are over 21 but look under and you are ID you will given a wrist band to wear indicating that you have be ID and are over 21.
Yes they do, adjectives the time. Interestingly though I never get asked for ID by the waitresses bringing me drinks (even if I'm not playing, just watching) but whenever I sit at a table I get ID'd in the region of 50% of the time - I'm 28...

I take it from your post that you're not from the US? Yahoo answers pretends to have different country sites to ask questions but at the extremity of the day they all end up within a big mash. Anyway, I'd wait a year before making the trip!

If you're from the UK near are plenty of great casinos and poker rooms in london.
you have to b 25 to gamble within vegas
yeah they do i rmember my dad had to
You need to be 21 to gamble within Vegas. If you look young (under 30), you will be carded. If you win big, you will be carded AND you won't be able to keep your winnings.

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