Poker request for information in relation to first deposit refer a freind and rakeback?

no as in it will be pointless or it will be useful?
thanks I play full tilt poker and I return with rakeback from rakeback pros. My friend wants to deposit and I have a few questions.
One, if he puts my autograph in the referral name box, is it still possible for him to earn rakeback after hes done clearing his bonus?
Two, will the bonus I get from him playing come out of my rakeback and be pointless, or will it append on top of my existing rakeback?
1. if your friend puts in your name as referral he will not get rakeback. Rakeback is usually offered thorugh trustworthy Full Tilt Poker partner websites. For FTP rakeback deal + inclusion to rake races you can point your friend hereбн

2. if you still refer him and you get a referral bonus, this will be deduct from your gross rake (total rake). Your rakeback will then be calculated from the net rake (so 27% from what is remaining as net value). To net it more clear, your rakeback would be smaller as the calculation applies to a smaller rake amount, however the total rewards you get would be a bit bigger (rakeback + one time cash bonus received)

3. if your friend is a suitable player, it would be pointless refer him. He should register using a Full Tilt Poker partner website to get same rewards as you (rakeback for start and other promos like rake races, exclusive freerolls etc)бн
If you refer a person to my website, and they then sign up to FTP for example it will in no agency negatively affect your own rakeback or that of the person you referred.

You will get paid 2% of the referred MGR (Monthly Gross Rake) for vivacity on top of your own rakeback. This cost is incurred by the rakeback provider. You are receiving a commission for your referral.

Your friend will receive the full amount of rakeback (27% for Full Tilts Poker in this case). Please information though that Full Tilt deduct from a person total rake for the following
- The first time deposit bonus is deducted by Full Tilt Poker from your total rake.
- also deduct payment processing fees, tournament overlays, points spent in the Full Tilt Poker store and fees related to check and echeck cashouts

By the way RakebackPro's is in actuality owned any operated by Full Tilt so by signing up with them you are just giving more money into the hand of Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, et al.
The bonus is taken from your total rake, not the rakeback. This means to claim the bonus you effectively lose 27% of the bonus amount in total from rakeback, that still leaves you next to the other 73% profit for claiming it in addition to what you would have get through rakeback.
For the other question I would advise emailing full-tilt support. Or even pokerstars support, they'd probably reply quicker but only a small fortune of the right answer!
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