Do they ask for i.d when you buy lottery tickets?

i have friends who are 16 or 17 and they get away with buying cigarettes. I by a hair`s breadth just turn 17 if i go buy lottery tickets are they less strict on asking for identification
....aside from the fact that he's risking his can buy a ticket....BUT you need your parents to claim a prize

if the ticket is $20,000,000 ? enjoy to give it away !
Depends how strict the cashier is, in legal jargon it is illegal and is breaking the law. It is harder to tell if someone is 18+ to some extent then 16 or younger as I've worked at sainsburys kiosk before and i'd many relatives for alcohol but lottery you get the regulars coming in so you know whos who and roughly there age.

If they're underage merely go tell them to get mum or dad to come within from the car since at times they can't be bothered to go in so achieve their children to run in quickly
Yeah I tend to be smaller quantity strict on lottery when I serve people where I work mainly because the punishment for selling a lottery to an underage soul is so much less severe than for selling alcohol and tobacco and the store doesn't make such a big deal in the order of it.
Also they don't have underage people pretending to be customers for the police coming in to question paper whether of not your shop is selling lottery underage but they do for alcohol and cigarettes so therefore you are a lot less paranoid when it comes to lottery tickets if that make any sense.
usually no if it was cigaretts probably depends if they know you or look young

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