Gambling v. sour track betting, authenticity?

In NYC gambling is illegal. You can't open up a casino, it's against the tenet. Isn't off track betting gambling as well? i indicate you're gambling on the horse that's going to win. Why is OTB (off track betting) legal and you see them on every few blocks, yet debut a casino illegal?
Generally when the governing body does something, it is legal. The government has given its blessing to stale track betting (OTB) so it is legal. The government has not blessed casino having a bet in New York. That is why casino gambling is illegal.
Gambling is not illegal in New York City. New York has a lottery (which is gambling), horse tracks, and is one of two states (including Nevada) that have legalized off track betting.

Casinos are illegal because the State of New York has not made them endorsed. If you want to know why, you need to ask your legislators, not random internet people.
Horses are horses.. NY is smart.. Atlantic City just is not that far away.. Keep casino gambling contained by Nevada and of course NJ. Here on west coast.. Casinos are everywhere. Not healthy having that type of making a bet everywhere.

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