What size poker table top would fit best near a 6 foot table?

I have a 6 foot folding table and I am looking for a poker table top to go with it. I want to attain one that fits over the table nicely but isn't to big. I saw a 70 inch one which would leave 4 inches on each side that it would not be below the table. I just want to know if this will work or if should go for something smaller.
i think you will be fine. the individual problem with a poker table hanging over is if some one puts all their cargo on that spot and all of the chips and drinks go flying. seen it transpire!
Wait a second.

If it's a 6-foot table, that's 72 inches! Wouldn't a 70-inch poker table NOT stick out?

Or is there something I don't know? Do they measure the 70-inches from the INSIDE of the poker table or something?

Seems to me it's the TABLE that would be slightly big, not the poker top.

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