I want to multiply my probability of making it to a world series of poker event this year?

I have a 3.45% chance of winning one of the tournaments if I can buy into 6 of those tournaments what are my likelihood of making it?
I would say > 5000:1

There is some prop bets out here and even the very best pros are barely getting 100:1 that they will win any bracelet
It's adjectives in the cards my friend.

You have a 50:50 chance of in the lead in that the cards will either work in your desire or they will not.

Perhaps my inability to work out probabilities is why I have lost lb300 on party poker lol.

Or maybe not, because even when I know my probability and how many outs I have my luck never kicks surrounded by when it's really supposed to.

But sure there is always Jamie Gold. He's a dope but incredibly lucky :)
When you have a series of events like this, you have to subtract the odds that the event won't happen, then subtract that from 100%.

If you own a 3.45% chance of winning each tournament, it funds there is a 96.55% chance that you won't win. The odds that you won't win any tournament is .9655 ^ 6, or .81005.

Subtracting from 100%, this technique you have about a 19% chance to win at least possible once.

I think what you did was just attach 3.45 for each tournament (multiply by 6). In this case, it's close because you have a small amount of tournaments.

But if you played 30 tournaments, your method would give 103.5%, which is obviously not correct. It should be about 65%.
Let me put it this way

I would bet against you.

why not return with an education or further your education and make money the apposite old fashioned way: Earn it.

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