I want to cram how to use the baccarat system the folks contained by casinos are using, in that are X's and O's ...?

I want to learn how to use the baccarat system the people in casinos are using, in attendance are X's and O's ... on the bottom left side and right side and numbers on top, please let me know where i can find this system.
Sorry dude, but YOU'RE wrong. That's adjectives they're doing, keeping track of which side won. The X's stand for banker, the O's stand for player.

If you want to call this a "system", and want to learn it; simply stand at a table & watch them. You can't HELP but figure out what they're doing, and rather briskly. If you STILL can't get it, just ask one of them. One thing give or take a few gambling, almost everyone LOVES to give advice to anyone who'll listen.
Most folks playing baccarat are not using a system. On the pieces of paper they've got, they're keeping track of who won the hand (player, investment banker, or tie) and how much they owe in commission. How they use this information, if they do at all, varies profusely from player to player.

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