A interrogate just about pot?

So I agreed to try it with my friend (which is her first time too). Please, I know this seems ridiculous, and I'm a very grow, responsible person; but I kind of believe everyone deserves to try it once (is that bad?). My other guy friend is going to "show us how" and his friend (who doesn't smoke) is coming, newly to hang out.

But anyways, my question is, what do you think give or take a few this...
I'm kind of nervous (but excited...at the same time)
Well, it's not approaching trying other drugs where there's a threat of OD-ing or anything; the worst that can happen (as far as side effects) is that you can get the munchies, or you might not similar to it. Nothing detrimental. I smoked for the 1st time when I was about 18, and though I'm not a regular smoker (I used to be), I do partake of the plant occasionally, and I enjoy it (love watching funny movies, they can be so much funnier). If you want to try it, try it, if you don't close to it, then at least you will know what you're missing.

(And to those of you who disagree with me, SO WHAT, I really don't vigilance. It's not like I'm telling the girl to go find a hypodermic and shoot up. It's from the earth, g*&dammit!)

( I just had to comment on pdq: I do agree near you about being an adult; I'm not trying to narrate a child to go and smoke. If you are grown, then it's your choice, but I'm not in any path trying to sway a child into smoking ANYTHING.)
What is integrity? Do you have it? Do you wish you had it?

Will you miss your integrity if you pass it up?


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when your parents and teachers aren't looking or watching you.

You said you are a "very fully developed, responsible person". This may seem like a dilemma to you, but it's simple. A mature and responsible entity would have the integrity to say "no" to their friends. IT'S OK to change your mind. If these folks are really your friends, they won't be paid fun of you for changing your mind.

Now...is it REALLY that big of a deal to smoke pot? The answer is no if you are about 21 years frail or more. TONS of people are going to disagree with me, I know. I stand by what I say. Up until 21 or elder, your body is still developing. Your brain is still developing. Smoking ANYTHING that young is detrimental to you growing up healthy.

If you are 21 or older, I really don't consider it's as big a deal. I don't look down on older folks smoking some weed. I choose not to anyway, but just because that's my choice for me. I've get a couple friends that take part in some pot occasionally, and that's fine.

Younger than 21 IS DIFFERENT. You may have a feeling grown up right now, but it is a fact that you are not. You might be emotionally old satisfactory, or socially old enough, but you are NOT physically old ample.

Again - I know plenty of people will disagree. Give me the "thumbs down", but I stand by what I say.


Back one more time to my leading point earlier. If I'm RIGHT about this, do you have what it take to say "no" to your friends? Again - Integrity. It's not a come-and-go commodity. You've either got it or you don't.

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