A twosome of dice is rolled three times. Find the probability that?

A) exactly two are 7's
B) At least two are 7's
when you roll a pair of dice, the probability of getting a 7 is 16.7%
1, 6
2, 5
3, 4
etc. will be 1/6 x 1/6 each x 6 combinations = 16.7%

A) P(yes, yes, no) = 16.7% x 16.7% x 83.3% = 2.3%
yyn, yny, nyy are adjectives cases with exactly 2 = 2.3% x 3 = 6.9%

B) at least 2: 16.7% x 16.7% = 2.8%
with yyn, yny, nyy, yyy, are adjectives at least 2 = 2.8% x 4 = 11.1%
Depends What Dice,
If its six sided, none
8 sided, a. 1/64
b. <1/64 Source(s): enwioegjeg

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