Can you gamble in the Casino thats you are employed by?

I would assume if you were on the day off you could right?
For most companies like MGM, Bellagio, Station Casinos, Luxor, Excalibur, New York, New York for example I have read the employee handbook as my husband works at MGM. He is a baker and I was surprised at the strict rules.

They are allowed to play machines only, no table games. But, they are also not allowed to play Megabucks. It also states that employees relatives cannot play there or receive a players card including spouse mother, father, sister and brother.
I know for a fact that people at the local casino near me are not allowed to gamble at the casino they work at. It would be considered a conflict of interest. The only way to get the exact answer would be to question a boss or higher up on whether you are allowed to gamble there.
No, because if you work for a Casino place, you could know the odds and ends of how each game is played. Also, sinc eyou are part of "The House", you may know exactly how much money is coming to the place that you work at. That's like cheating.
That would depend on "company policy". I worked at a casino in Nev. (a large one) that permitted it. Employees could play on their breaks. Only Security people could not play in uniform. You could not smoke anywhere on the casino floor unless you were playing. Employee gambling was profit. Most Indian casinos will not let their employees gamble where they work at any time.
Usually not, in fact, at one casino I was playing at, one of the dealers was talking to the pit boss about buying a collector's chip, and the pit boss told her that she had to buy it at the cage while she was out of uniform. She couldn't buy it from the tables or even in uniform.
I thought I seen on the travel channels that you cannot. It was a documentary they were doing on people who have tried to rob casinos in the past. This lady won a large amount but because she worked there, she had to forfeit her winnings! I think they sign something that keeps them from quiting their job and then just running off with their millions!
um i dont know what these other guys are talking about but i have friends that work at mohegan sun casino and they play there all the time, the house still has the same edge.
It used to be that dealers could play not only at the same casino, but they could play on break. In fact, they could get tapped off a game and go right around to the other side of the same table and play. In today's corporate world and breakthroughs on catching cheats and protecting the house money, most casinos will not let you play at the same casino you work. That usually boils down to state gaming laws as opposed to casino policy, but with companies like Harrah's owning so many properties, they need a smooth concensus of rules that applies to the entire company. In some casinos they don't even want you to come back and play the table games if you have either dealt or worked surveillance in that casino after you have quit/fired.
Most casinos do NOT allow their employees to gamble at the same establishment they work at.

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