If a lottery winner dies before receiving the money in installments, what happens to the remaining money?

All of the lottery money belongs to the winner even if it is paid in installments. That money can be passed to someone else in a will or thru probate.

There is an urban legend that the money goes back to the state but that is not true in Texas. I would bet the same for other states.

I was just reading an article that dealt with the tax complications that happen when the winner dies and leaves the winnings to someone. This shows that the money does go to someone else but taxes can make it a big hassle.

Inherited to family members
They may leave it for someone in their will, if not it would probably go to their closest living relative (husband/wife, children, etc.)
It 100% DOES NOT go to the family it goes into tho the states, gov, and lottery. IF it is received in the yearly payments. If it is received as a lump cash sum it is that persons to with as they wish. And it is treated like a lump of money that those people had if they were to die. So if it is cash than maybe it will go to family, but not if it is in payments.....

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