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  • Best casino to play poker at for an 18 year weak?
  • Do they ask for i.d when you buy lottery tickets?
  • Do they ask for ID contained by Las Vegas casinos?
  • Gambling v. rotten track betting, authenticity?
  • Gambling Winnings Tax Question Please Help! (California)?
  • I hear through the great vine that relatives from USA can't engineer money laying a bet online is this true?
  • I hit a paw for $3750 end hours of darkness. I tipped the salesperson $200. Is that satisfactory?
  • Poker quiz concerning first deposit refer a freind and rakeback?
  • What are some fun things you can do beside animals that involve money?
  • What probability are better to win at: Roulette or Blackjack?
  • What Program Stores Poker Chips On Your Computer?
  • Where can i play blackjack online beside other relatives for free?
  • Where can I play Bonus Poker Deluxe and how is it different from Jacks or Better video poker?
  • What sites hold the Sizzling 7s or Blazing 7s slots games?
  • What size poker table top would fit best next to a 6 foot table?
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    A cross-examine almost pot?
    So I agreed to try it with my friend (which is her first time too). Please, I know this seems ridiculous, and I'm a very grow, responsible person; but I kind of believe everyone deserves to try it once (is that bad?). My other guy friend is going to show us how and his friend (who doesn't smoke) is coming,...

    A customer asks for four lottery tickets: one $5.00 ticket, two $1.00 tickets, and one $3.00 ticket?
    when is a question not a question, nice job. Assuming he/she gave you $10, give them the combo you posted or three (a) $3 and one (a) $1. Source(s): My fingers and toes. yes you ask them which ones and then say thats $10 please..then thank...

    A duet of dice is rolled three times. Find the probability that?
    A) exactly two are 7's B) At least two are 7's when you roll a pair of dice, the probability of getting a 7 is 16.7% because: 1, 6 2, 5 3, 4 etc. will be 1/6 x 1/6 each x 6 combinations = 16.7% So... A) P(yes, yes, no) =...

    I want to subtract my likelihood of making it to a world series of poker event this year?
    I have a 3.45% chance of winning one of the tournaments if I can buy into 6 of those tournaments what are my likelihood of making it? I would say > 5000:1 There is some prop bets out here and even the very best pros...

    I want to swot up how to use the baccarat system the relatives within casinos are using, nearby are X's and O's ...?
    I want to learn how to use the baccarat system the people in casinos are using, in attendance are X's and O's ... on the bottom left side and right side and numbers on top, please let me know where i...

  • If I win a big $10,000 jackpot contained by a casino at a slot gadget, do I still qualify for it if I'm,..?
  • What are ways to go and get free money into my pokerstars or fulltilt rationalization?
  • Which online bingo is safe to play in UK ?

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